Journey Through the Creation Museum

Experience an amazing tour through the Creation Museum (located in Petersburg, KY) over and over again with this beautiful collection of photos and commentary from Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham. Take this walk through history and see how relevant it is to you and your family in answering the challenges of today’s culture in crisis.

Explore this 75,000-square-foot facility like never before!

  • Glimpse the awe-inspiring universe beyond our world in the state of the art Stargazer Planetarium.
  • Delight in the 29 dinosaurs featured in the museum exhibits, and over 40 human figures from biblical history.
  • View almost 50 masterfully recreated animals represented in various museum settings, such as the Garden of Eden.
  • See the newest features in this revised edition, including the allosaurus dinosaur skeleton, Dr. Crawley’s amazing Insectorium, the Museum of the Bible exhibit, and so much more!

Standing as a beacon of biblical truth in the controversial origins debate, the Creation Museum proudly shares important answers with visitors numbering hundreds of thousands each year. From the animatronic dinosaurs to the exquisitely handcrafted Tree of Life with over 30,000 leaves, this book captures the best of over 160 world-class exhibits, as well as the breathtaking beauty of nature trails and botanical gardens that surround it.