The Quest (Mustard Seed Series #2)

It’s been two years since Natalie, Walter, Kathy, Del, and Julia received anonymous invitations that led them to Haven, Nebraska where their lives were changed in miraculous ways by an Almighty God. Now, they all struggle to follow through with God’s direction and the promises they made.
But then amazing things start happening, and one of the Havenites is placed in deadly peril. The others know they must answer God’s call a second time, even if it means facing an enemy more terrifying, more powerful, more malevolent than they’ve ever known. An enemy determined to destroy them. An enemy who is no match for the Creator of the Universe.

Author: Nancy Moser


On The Edge

Richard Sullivan has a problem. His average American family is on the edge of ruin and they don’t even realize it. The Sullivans are struggling through everyday life with a dark power over them so strong that they cannot find their way — a power that is filling their minds with voices of greed, hate, pride, and temptation. And now the very fabric of their lives is unraveling before their eyes. If only they would listen a little harder to the other voice trying to get through to them — the voice of hope, forgiveness, and love — before it’s too late.

Author: F. Parker Hudson


The Ishbane Conspiracy

Sneak a peek over the enemy’s shoulder as Lord Foulgrin describes his plan to capture the souls of four young friends. Picture-perfect Jillian is terrified of getting hurt. Tough-talking Brittany trusts nobody. Successful athlete Ian dabbles in the occult. And former gang member Rob struggles with old guilt and new faith. Will they resist temptation?

Author: Randy Alcornalc5

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters

Know your enemy. Read his mail. You’re holding a document never intended for human eyes. These classified letters contain the battle strategies of evil agents plotting to deceive and destroy your family. Read each word with care. What’s at stake is greater than you can imagine…

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters is a welcome addition to the world of Christian fiction. Randy Alcorn provides a needed reminder of just what it means for Christians to be engaged in battle with principalities and powers not of this world.” – Chuck Colson

Author: Rancy Alcorn