The Other Side of Darkness

As a wife and mother, Ruth knows her prayers are crucial to her family’s spiritual welfare. She stands between her precious children and the evil one, doing battle in prayer. She can’t afford to be careless. Thankfully, she has powerful allies: Pastor Glenn, New Life Christian School where her daughters Mary and Sarah attend, and the inner circle at Arbor Drive Fellowship. They all reinforce her careful nurturance of her children.

If only her husband, Rick, understood that. He’s exasperated about the money Ruth keeps spending for the church and school. Doesn’t he see that these are their best defenses in shielding their children from the dangers of the world?

But the forces that threaten Ruth’s faith, her family–her very life–are not the ones she expects. Ruth doesn’t realize that her heartfelt desire to obey God is mingled with dangerous currents of OCD–Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her own strategies for protecting her family may be the very thing that tears them apart.

Author: Melody Carlson



Broken on the Back Row

The heart of a mom is wrapped up in the people she loves — her children, her husband, her co-workers, her friends. She wants to give them the very best of herself, but sometimes her busy schedule gets in the way of the most precious gift she can give them — her prayers.

With this unique tried-and-proven prayer system, even the busiest moms can have a rich prayer life that impacts the people she loves the most. Author Lisa Whelchel offers seven categories of prayer that can be used as they are or modified to fit each mom’s special needs. By investing just ten minutes a day, in one month, a mom can bring nearly one hundred and fifty matters before her heavenly Father. From requests for her childrens’ protection to wisdom in her personal life to praise for God’s constant faithfulness, this simple plan brings order and purpose to prayer.51Y88cIH8UL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_

Pray the Scriptures Bible – Psalms & Proverbs

Many of us struggle with prayer. We wonder what to say to God and how to say it. In this first of its kind prayer Bible, bestselling author Kevin Johnson offers Scripture-specific prayers designed to be read and prayed alongside the Scriptures that inspired them. The prayers, specifically connected to Psalms and Proverbs from the God’s Word® Translation, offer an avenue of conversation with the God who speaks to us through His Word, the Bible.


A Mother’s Garden of Prayer

This book of prayer for mothers was written by Sarah Maddox and Patti Webb. It leads you to a peaceful and resplendent place of worship to pray for your children and grandchildren. Weaves scripture into prayer. There is a prayer for almost every occasion, conflict, or decision your child may face throughout all the stages of life.


Hear my Cry: How Grace Conquered Cancer

I know you are coming in for a checkup tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you that the tests results came back from pathology, and you have leiomyosarcoma.’ That was the last thing I heard. My lips kept moving, and words were coming out of my mouth, but my brain was somewhere else entirely, frozen in time. I was in my own episode of The Twilight Zone. Tish Hagee Tucker was a young working mother of two beautiful toddler girls when she went in for a routine doctor’s visit for bronchitis and found out days later over the phone that she had a rare form of cancer. With her world changed in an instant, the questions were numerous, and the facts were few, but one fact remained: God was in control, and he was not surprised by the circumstances. Hear My Cry: How Grace Conquered Cancer is the true story of one woman who became a living miracle. Readers will learn not only about the unparalleled treatment Tish received and how her body responded, but how prayer, the gathering together of the body of Christ, and reliance on the one true God helped her to overcome and encourage others. Let the promises in Hear My Cry make your life a miracle too!


Hear Me When I Call – Charles Swindoll

Do you ever find it difficult to express your thoughts or desires to God? You may be facing a stressful work situation, a frightening diagnosis, or the everyday challenges of marriage or parenthood. You want to pray but you feel empty, distracted, or uncertain about what to say.

Approach the throne of grace alongside beloved pastor Charles Swindoll as he guides you through the prayers of your heart. In Hear Me When I Call you will find effective prayers on the themes of your life. Hear Me When I Call helps put into words what your heart and soul are trying to express as you draw closer to the One who always hears you.