Shadow of the Mountains (Cheney Duvall, M.D., Book 2)

Cheney Duvall has proved herself an excellent doctor in serving the brides with whom she traveled West. But Seattle does not open any doors to her, even with her recent string of medical successes. In this frontier town she’s “just a woman.” Returning to the East, she finds an invitation to a remote town in the Ozark mountains where there are no physicians attending to the needs of the farmers, miners and their families, despite the danger of mountain life. Upon her arrival, she is caught between walls of illiteracy, superstition, and an immovable distrust of Yankees—especially educated women that think they’re real doctors. How will she overcome centuries of hate, mistrust, and prejudice?

Authors: Lynn Morris & Gilbert Morris


The Stars For a Light (Cheney Duvall, M.D., Book #1)

Fresh from medical school in the 1860s—and a woman at that—the young Cheney Duvall struggles to find a position as a doctor. She has almost given up hope when Asa Mercer turns up requesting her services as chaperone and physician for two hundred brides-to-be on a sea voyage from New York to the Washington Territory. Cheney jumps at the opportunity. Accompanied by an unlikely nurse, wayworn soldier Shiloh Irons, she finds herself facing an arduous voyage and dangers for which her medical training could not possibly have prepared her.

Authors: Lynn Morris & Gilbert Morris


The Shining Badge (The House of Winslow #31)

Jennifer Winslow had known only the best life had to offer-until her family lost everything in the crash of ’29. Moving from New York to a small farm in Georgia, Jenny struggles to adapt to her tough new life. Then, through a startling series of events, she finds herself running for County Sheriff. Jenny soon discovers she has fierce enemies among the local moonshiners, gangsters, and even the citizens themselves, who scoff at the idea of a female sheriff. Only two men support her: an idealistic young lawyer and a reluctant deputy. She finds herself drawn to both men and struggles to ferret out God’s choice for her. In a blazing shoot-out, Jennifer Winslow finds her way, but not without cost.

Author: Gilbert Morris