Return to Harmony

Jodie Harland and Bethan Keane had little in common before a homeless dog brought them together, but from that day on the two young girls were best friends. In this captivating story set in the pre-World War I South, two of your favorite authors combine their talents to share the joys and trials of friendship—and the healing miracle of God’s love.

Authors: Janette Oke, Davis Bunn

Lone Wolf (Reno Western Saga #6)

Jim Reno ventures into the Dakota Territory to find Simon Meade’s son, who was abducted by Indians when he was a young child. Reno finds Lone Wolf–as Jason Meade calls himself–who reluctantly returns with Reno to his father’s house. Lone Wolf has problems fitting in as he is forced to fight prejudice and his own contempt to live in a white society.

Author: Gilbert Morris

Around the River’s Bend (Spirit of Appalachia #5)

When Joshua Spencer decides to become a lawyer like Andrew Jackson, he also begins to stray from the teachings of his parents. His childhood sweetheart, Rachel Anderson, struggles with her feelings for Joshua in light of the choices he seems to be making. Then a family friend is wrongfully accused of a crime by a vengeful Linus Carter and Joshua must decide where his true loyalties lie. Will he return to the values he was raised with and win back Rachel’s affection in the process?

Author: Gilbert Morris

The Sword of Truth (Wakefield Dynasty #1)

England in the 16th century. Through tragic circumstances, Myles, illegitimate son of a maid, meets his noble father: Sir Robert Wakefield. Suddenly, Myles finds himself in the dazzling court life full of confusing love affairs and power struggles. When he gets into arguments about William Tyndale, who translates the Bible into English, he has to choose between the woman he loves and the faith to which he owes his meaning in life.

Author: Gilbert Morris

The Winds of God (Wakefield Dynasty #2)

England, 1553. A nation torn by religious and political unrest, on constant guard against Spain’s attempts to overthrow the Protestant monarchy.

But England has a most effective weapon: one man, driven by a deep anger and a desire for vengeance–Robin Wakefield. Raised by his grandparents, Myles and Hannah Wakefield, Robin is taught love and fiath, yet his heart overflows with hatred for those who burned his father as a heretic. Soon that hatred leads him into intrigue and danger, and away from the influence of his grandparents and the devoted love of a young Catholic woman who prays for his release from bitterness.

Then, in the midst of a perilous mission, Wakefield finds himself faced with the One who calls him to forgiveness and to a life based on God’s love, not man’s justice.

Share the drama, intrigue, and adventure of England’s history, and experience the struggles of those who fought so valiantly for religious liberty.

Author: Gilbert Morris

Though None Go With Me

One woman’s costly decision will touch a lifetime of hearts. Born at the turn of the century, Elisabeth Grace LeRoy longs for something more in her life. Something only an eternal love can offer. It is a love she encounters at last—one that promises to fill her passionate heart completely and that calls forth her utmost in return. In response, Elisabeth makes the commitment that will shape her entire life: a decision to follow Christ always, no matter the cost. So begins a remarkable love story—a legacy of faith that weaves together two world wars, the Great Depression, and deep personal sorrows as the dramatic background for displaying the courage, grace, joy, and far-reaching impact of a life lived truly and fully for God.

Born in 1900, Elisabeth LeRoy commits her life to Christ. But her heartfelt decision is tested by two world wars, the Great Depression, and personal sorrow. A remarkable act of faith and grace performed on the stage of history.

Author: Jerry Jenkins

Promised to Me (Coming to America Series #4)

Shortly after Karola and Jakob were betrothed, Jakob emigrated from Germany to America, promising to send for Karola as soon as he had a home for her. As Karola waited faithfully for Jakob to send for her, she watched her sisters and friends marry and turned down a proposal from another man. After eleven long years, she finally receives Jakob’s letter and invitation to America. But when she arrives at his potato farm in eastern Idaho, she discovers that Jakob has already married. His wife had died and he needs help taking care of his two children. Karola’s dreams of love and a family of her own are shattered.

Although Jakob is a changed man, he has a tough task redeeming himself in Karola’s eyes. He knows it won’t be easy, but he is determined to do so if she will give him a chance. Promised to Me is a story of love renewed as Karola and Jakob build a life together out of the rubble of broken promises and shattered dreams.

Author: Robin Lee Hatcher

From Dust and Ashes: A Story of Liberation

It is 1945, and a group of American soldiers liberate a Nazi concentration camp. Helene is the abandoned wife of an SS guard who has fled to avoid arrest. Overcome by guilt, she begins to help meet the needs of survivors. Throughout the process, she finds her own liberation–from spiritual bondage, sin, and guilt. Readers will be intrigued and touched by this fascinating story of love, faithfulness, and courage amidst one of the darkest chapters of mankind’s history.

Author: Tricia Goyer

Tuesday’s Child

In the summer of 1940, with France on the verge of surrender to Germany, Valli Chattaine must escape Paris and return home to French Morocco. While a captain in the French Foreign Legion is hired to get her safely out of Paris, Chattaine receives a letter from her older sister, who fears information unearthed from her past could destroy her life.

Author: Linda Lee Chaikin