Broken on the Back Row

The heart of a mom is wrapped up in the people she loves — her children, her husband, her co-workers, her friends. She wants to give them the very best of herself, but sometimes her busy schedule gets in the way of the most precious gift she can give them — her prayers.

With this unique tried-and-proven prayer system, even the busiest moms can have a rich prayer life that impacts the people she loves the most. Author Lisa Whelchel offers seven categories of prayer that can be used as they are or modified to fit each mom’s special needs. By investing just ten minutes a day, in one month, a mom can bring nearly one hundred and fifty matters before her heavenly Father. From requests for her childrens’ protection to wisdom in her personal life to praise for God’s constant faithfulness, this simple plan brings order and purpose to prayer.51Y88cIH8UL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_

What’s a Girl to do?

What’s a Girl to do – While Waiting for Mr. Right? By Janet L. Folger.

Enjoy a fun and lively chat with a girl who knows your struggles. “You’re alone now—like me,” Janet says—“because God has something critically important He wants you to do right now.” 

Single people could very well be the most effective members of God’s kingdom, so Satan gets them to believe they’re forsaken by God. But it’s a lie. This is an honest, encouraging, and hilarious chat with a woman who knows single people’s struggles. Folger’s witty insights will clear readers’ minds of the lies that destroy their happiness and freedom as single women – all the sooner to find what God has for them to do right now. You’ll be encouraged as you pursue the rich, surprising life God made you for. 

Story Behind the Book

Writing a book about dating just isn’t my thing. Not my area of expertise. Not my focus. But then I started thinking about it. Maybe I have learned some things. Maybe I could add something useful to the mix that hadn’t been said already. So I emailed my agent to say I would consider it. Then I broke up with my boyfriend. When my agent telephoned to ask why I hadn’t responded to his emails, the call went something like this: “You can forget about the book. I can’t even write a pamphlet. How in the world am I supposed to give advice when I can’t handle my own love life?” In his pep talk, my agent told me the thing I have going for me is honesty. He told me to picture myself in a coffee shop catching up with friends, trading stories, binding each other’s wounds, laughing, refocusing, and re-emerging as the women God wants us to be. So I did.


Becoming a Woman Who Listens to God

Women are busy. Whether their energy is expended at home or at the office, women find themselves overwhelmed with the to-do lists in their life, and they long for time away from it all so they can really hear God’s still small voice. “But when I pored over the pages of Scripture,” says author Sharon Jaynes, “I discovered that some of God’s most memorable messages were not delivered while men and women were away on a spiritual retreat, but right in the middle of everyday life. He spoke to Gideon while he was threshing wheat and to shepherds while they were watching their flocks by night.”

Using biblical wisdom and practical insights from her own life, Sharon invites readers to explore answers to the heart cry, “How can I hear the voice of God?”



The Joyful Journey

What happens when you put Patsy Clairmont, Barbara Johnson, Marilyn Meberg, and Luci Swindoll together in a women’s movement that is sweeping the country? You get an inspiring mix of infectious fun and encouraging common sense. These four delightful and funny women, co-speakers for Women of Faith conferences, speak straight from their hearts about the obstacles, bumps, and detours we sometimes face along the journey of life and about how friendships, laughter, love, and celebration can help steer our hearts closer to God.

Take a rest stop and enjoy The Joyful Journey. Amidst all the complexities and challenges of being a woman today, these four colorful women will remind you that joy is waiting to be found around every bend of the road.


Girl Talk

As women, we are relational by design. We long to communicate and share. Simply put, we are made to connect. (Just take a look at your cell phone bill.) But in the frenzy of everyday life, friendships are often the first casualty on an overwhelming to-do list.

Author Jen Hatmaker believes it’s time to reprioritize. Girl Talk is a fun, fresh Bible study with a focus on friendship. In this five-week series, Jen takes a girlfriend-next-door look at what makes relationships tick. You’ll discover God’s design for community, how to avoid harmful people and the five levels of communication that nurture intimacy.

Most of all, you’ll share life with women on the same journey as you–which is what friendship is all about.


A Mother’s Garden of Prayer

This book of prayer for mothers was written by Sarah Maddox and Patti Webb. It leads you to a peaceful and resplendent place of worship to pray for your children and grandchildren. Weaves scripture into prayer. There is a prayer for almost every occasion, conflict, or decision your child may face throughout all the stages of life.


The Wise and the Wild: 30 Devotions on Women of the Bible

Know any wild women? How about some wise ones? The Bible has both.

Believe it or not, the choices faced by the women in the Bible are not all that different from the choices you live with every day. The Wise and the Wild: 30 Devotions on Women of the Bible introduces you to a wide variety of women who were at decisive moments in their lives. Get to know these wise and wild women and you will be challenged, warned, and inspired to make choices that please God.

136-page spiral-bound, softcover book by Charles Swindoll.