Kingdoms – The Frencolian Chronicles Book #3

Princess Jobyna has escaped the madman Elliad and returned in safety to Frencolia. But she barely has a chance to enjoy her newfound freedom before another cisis arrises: King Luke and other royal personages from the surrounding kingdoms are kidnapped and held for ransom.

Will Jobyna have to sacrifice herself for Luke? Will the “Crazy Prince’s” rescue plan work? Is Jobyna’s faith strong enough to withstand her doubts and fears?

Author: Carolyn Ann Aish

Castles – The Frencolian Chronicles Book #2

Luke and his forces have regained control of Frencolia. But Elliad has escaped, taking Princess Jobyna with him. Will he use her as protection? Or bait? Will Jobyna’s determination to “love your enemies” be her salvation – or her destruction? Will she escape or be forever in Elliad’s clutches? And what influence will “The Crazy Prince” have on Jobyna’s safety?

Author: Carolyn Ann Aish

Treasures – The Frencolian Chronicles Book #1

The Frencolian Chronicles Book #1

Evil King Elliad wants to destroy all Gospel books and he will stop at nothing to do it – including the execution of Luke and Jobyna’s parents. Now the sister and brother – legitimate heirs to the nation’s throne – are fugitives, hiding from Elliad.

Will trust in God and his care be enough to carry them through the trials and persecution they will face? Or will King Elliad triumph and wickedness prevail?

Author: Carolyn Ann Aish