With This Ring – Sierra Jensen Book #6

Tracy and Doug are finally going to tie the knot. Sierra is caught up in a swirl of wedding gifts, bridal preparations, and heart-to-heart discussions about virtue and purity. Meanwhile, the guys stir up some pre-wedding fun that includes a dressed-up chicken. During the ceremony, Sierra realizes she’s the only girl in the church without a boyfriend. Glancing down at the gold purity ring from her dad, Sierra makes a vow of her own: to save herself for her future husband. But she worries that her best friend Amy is settling for less than God’s best. Is Sierra crazy to still be thinking about Paul, the mystery man who now lives in Scotland? Can Sierra learn to trust God for her future?

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Without a Doubt – Sierra Jensen Book #5

Sierra Jensen has been interested in Paul, who had pretty much ruled her dreams for the last five months until he moved to Scotland. Since he left, her buddy Randy had been coming around…a lot. But Sierra decides she wants to float through the summer the way she has managed to breeze through almost everything else in life. That means leaving things just the way they are with Randy – nice and uncomplicated, just friends.

Only things do get complicated. One minute she’s spending lots of time with Randy, and the next thing she’d being asked out by Drake – the gorgeous guy her best friend Amy likes! Soon Sierra wonders if she can trust her emotions. And when a freak snows storm hits during a backpacking trip, Sierra is forced to face her doubts. Will she turn to God to help her sort through her confused emotions?

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Close Your Eyes – Sierra Jensen Book #4

With eyes closed, Sierra wonders if God is tired of hearing all her prayers for unattainable Paul until a school volunteer project at a homeless shelter opens her eyes to some needy children – and to Paul working there! Brief conversations with him confirm her hopes that there id definitely some kind of unique attraction between them.

In the meantime, she’s enjoying her growing friendship with Randy, but gets caught in a sticky situation when Paul comes over for dinner and Randy shows up at the same time. When Paul tells her he’d like to talk to her, Sierra’s sure this is the dream date she’s been praying for.

While listening to powerful lyrics at a concert featuring the popular music group Sierra, will she learn to trust God with her feelings for Paul – and Randy?

Author: Robin Jones Gunn and Focus on the Family

Don’t You Wish – Sierra Jensen Book #3

With Easter break around the corner, Sierra Jensen longs to leave her troubles behind and visit her friend Christy Miller and the rest of the Southern California gang she met in England. Her wish comes true, and a plane whisks her from rainy Portland to Newport Beach for a week of fun, sun, and surf.

However, her “troubles” follow her when her older sister Tawni comes along on the trip. Sierra’s struggle with jealousy over her sister only increases when Tawni catches the attention of one of the guys. Now it seems everyone has a boyfriend except Sierra! She is sure that her dream of seeing the mysterious stranger again is never going to happen.

Then her wishes suddenly take a turn down a new path and Sierra sees how God wants to mold her life according to His wishes. Even though she never would have guessed it, that’s exactly what she longed for the whole time.

Author: Robin Jones Gunn and Focus on the Family

In Your Dreams – Sierra Jensen Book #2

Sierra Jensen is determined her junior year is going to be a wonderful dream. But, she has to admit, since her family moved to Portland a few months ago, her address book hasn’t seen the entry of even one new name.

So Sierra sets out to find a job and new friends. The road to accomplishing her goals is bumpy – until she is left at home for the weekend with her grandmother. Full of startling surprises, those two days turn Sierra’s life topsy-turvy and propel her down a path that leads to a job, her first date, and an encounter with a mysterious stranger.

Author: Robin Jones Gunn and Focus on the Family

Only You, Sierra – Sierra Jensen Book #1

Sierra Jensen settled back into her seat and gazed through the train window at the English countryside. So much was on her mind, and her heart was flooded with emotions. She hoped the friendships she had made with Katie and Christy this past week during the Europe missions trip would last forever.

She dreaded the flight back to the States, knowing that everything would be completely different when she returned home. While in England, Sierra’s family had moved to a different state. She hated the thought of going to a new high school in the middle of her junior year, where everybody already had their cliques and boyfriends. The prospect of another dateless year made her heart sink.

She wondered if she’d ever find love, and then in a London airport, she met Paul. Her heart, which had sunk so low, leapt! But of course, it was just a chance meeting…wasn’t it? She would never see him again…would she?

Sierra is a spunky and bold sixteen-year-old with big dreams and unconventional clothes. Today’s teens can truly relate to what is going on in Sierra’s life — whether it’s friendships, dating, or learning to trust in God. Sierra shows readers how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and how to grow in their commitment to Him.

Author: Robin Jones Gunn and Focus on the Family

Carolina’s Courage

It takes courage to leave a familiar town, a comfortable homestead, and personal belongings and old friends. It takes courage to live in a small wagon, traveling barely a hundred miles a week through Indian territory. But it takes a special out-of-the-ordinary courage to give up the dearest treasure of the heart. This is the story of Carolina Putnam, a New Hampshire girl who has to find out if she has the true spirit of a pioneer.

Author: Elizabeth Yates