The Rail Kings (Wells Fargo Trail Book #3)

They would pay any price and stop at nothing to win.As an undercover agent for Wells Fargo, Zac Cobb isn’t the kind of man who goes out looking for trouble, but trouble seems to have a way of finding him. And he isn’t the kind of man to run away from trouble, even if it means putting himself in harm’s way.When Zac foils an attempt to kidnap the family of the oldest daughter of General Sydney Roberts, the President of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, he then must lead the threatened family to safety in Colorado despite the pursuit of a small army of hired gunmen. Once, there, Zac finds himself ensnared in the ongoing deadly railroad war between the Chicago Pacific and the Denver and Rio Grande Railroads. But when Elizabeth Robert decides she’s in love with Zac, his personal danger is compounded. Powerful lords of the steam engine fight for control of the narrow passage through the Rockies. The railroads will pay any price and stop at nothing to win. It takes a man who can’t be bought to restore right from wrong, and Zac Cobb is such a man.

Author: James Walker

The Nightriders (Wells Fargo Trail Book #2)

With rumors swirling around a series of stolen gold shipments, Wells Fargo sends Zachary Cobb to the California gold fields to investigate the unsolved robberies. A gang of vigilantes called the Vindicators have taken it upon themselves to prosecute men suspected of the hold-ups, but while innocent people are being lynched, the real bandits seem able to strike with impunity any time they choose.Maintaining his undercover status by visiting a cantakerous aunt who lives nearby, Zac discovers that the Vindicators are controlled by corrupt federal officials. He also discovers the judge to be a former commander of a Union prison camp where two of his brothers were imprisoned during the Civil War.Emily Morgan, whose fiancé was lynched by the vigilantes and whose brother is the local sheriff, helps Zac in his search. She is determined to bring all those involved to justice, even if it includes her own kin.But when Jenny Hays shows up at his aunt’s house and is pulled into the mystery, Zac has much more than a dangerous investigation to solve!

Author: James Walker

The Dreamgivers (Wells Fargo Trail Book #1)

In The Dreamgivers, Zac Cobb investigates a series of stagecoach robberies that he suspects have been engineered by the railroad, but finds himself an unwitting participant in the struggle for control of the opium trade. Jeff Bridger, the local sheriff, and Jenny Hays, a young woman who owns the town’s restaurant, also become involved. Whoever has been supplying the railroad with Chinese workers and opium is more than willing to kill anyone who gets in the way.

A desert ambush of a stagecoach that Zac had sworn to protect the young boy who is left without a father, the discovery of the opium connections, and the kidnapping of Jenny lead Zac and Sheriff Bridger on a desperate mission of rescue. But hired assassins and powerful underworld figures await them.

Author: James Walker

Shooting Star (Saga of the Sierras Book #7)

Andrew Jackson Sinnickson had crossed paths with Jack Powers long before Powers’ name was known and feared as the genuine article: the first and worst of the California bad men. Total contrasts in character, in values, in approach to life, the two men locked horns from their original encounter in the southern presidio of Santa Barbara to the gold miners’ hovels of Angel’s Camp in the Sierras.

Sinnickson had been on hand when the Bear Flag rebellion had carried California from Mexican to American ownership. Now to the sleepy, sparsely populated western outposts came hordes of treasure seekers–honest miners, greenhorns, gamblers, sharps, and cutthroats. Gold-fever madness in a land without law burst open a door for exploitation, and Powers and his bandits soon established their upper hand.

When the price of steers jumps from $2 to $100 to feed the starving miners, Sinnickson gets involved in the first-ever California cattle drive. But it’s three hundred treacherous miles that lead into the heart of Powers’ strength.

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

The Year of the Grizzly (Saga of the Sierras Book #6)

On a sprawling rancho near Santa Barbara, mountain man Will Reed has found a place to call home–and a family he loves. But when the Americans and the Mexicans begin to battle over supremacy in California, their struggle threatens to destroy Will’s dreams–perhaps his life.

Human greed and the lust for power hold sway as both the American military and Mexican Banditos attempt to grab for themselves the wealth of central California’s cattle ranches. And Will Reed’s family is caught in the middle. Battling against both nature and the human propensity for evil, Will must face the most dangerous of adversaries–men who are determined to take his land at any cost.

But much more than the land is at stake. Saving his family will require every ounce of courage and resourcefulness the mountain man can muster. . . . 

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

Sequoia Scout (Saga of the Sierras Book #4)

Ten years of trapping had brought Will Reed to the High Sierras. Ten years in search of fortune. Ten years since the mountain men had come east with their stories of the high lonesome. Two dozen trips west had given him wisdom in the ways of the harsh and beautiful land. Now on the threshold of Spanish California, stories about the richness of the mission lands and their exotic Spanish culture lead over the mountains.

Few Americans have attempted this overland trail, and fewer still have survived the crossing. But Will Reed discovers it is not just marauding Indian tribes and nature’s threats that stand in his way. Mexico’s newly won independence from Spain has brought an oppressive rule and a clashing of cultures where danger marks every turn.

Will Reed has never shied away from danger nor from taking a stand for what is right. Loyalty and love now strengthen his resolve. And what he finds in this new land will prove the man he has become.

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

Gold Rush Prodigal (Saga of the Sierras book #3)

David Bollin, born of missionary parents in Hawaii, leaves his island home to take up a new life as a gentleman in Boston. Having rejected his father’s faith, David had set out to make his own fortune and prove himself a man. But before he can realize his dream, he is plunged into an unexpected adventure–first as a hand on a whaling ship, and then as a prospector in the California gold fields.

The lure of gold and the dream of a life of ease entice him onward, drawing him into a downward spiral of deceit and trapping him in a web of murder, power and greed.

The glamorous future turns into despair as he becomes the target of unscrupulous enemies. Without a defense, what are his chances?

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

Riders of the Silver Rim (Saga of the Sierras Book #2)

A tragic accident sends Joshua Roberts west to find peace. But in a lawless mining town, peace is hard to find.

Burned nearly to death under the desert sun, he was brought back to life by the hands of a stranger. The powerful blacksmith now faces challenges he never dreamed of and responsibilities he never wanted. Hired to work at the Silver Rim mine, Roberts is unaware that the mine’s future is threatened by the designs of greedy and unscrupulous enemies. And his own future becomes clouded as he unexpectedly meets a lovely, intriguing woman.

Roberts truly wants to do his best as constable, even though he is more at home with a blacksmith’s hammer in his hand. But can he, an Easterner plagued with painful memories from the past, bring order to a frontier town and those he has come to love?

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

The Man From Shadow Ridge (Saga of the Sierras Book #1)

The year is 1863. In the East, the Civil War rages on. The mountains of California seem remote and untouched by the struggle of the young nation. Tom Dawson has found a refuge from the political and social conflicts running a small ranch with his brother beneath Shadow Ridge.

This man with a restless past, his “rugged, sun-browned face creviced from the weather like a landscape,” discovers some measure of peace and happiness at Shadow Ridge with his brother’s little family. Then comes the news that the stagecoach has been robbed and six people murdered by a gang of rebel sympathizers stealing Union gold for the South. Without warning, the turmoil of Dawson’s past returns.

As he moves toward a final confrontation, the Dawson home is shattered by a second tragedy. Where will he find the courage and faith to continue?

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

Hope Valley War

It’s 1858 in the Utah Territory, and back home in Hope Valley, John’s brother Lucky is dead. John must unravel the mystery and clear Lucky’s name. Filled with shoot-outs, romance, and colorful characters like the lovely Maria, Swedish mailman Showshoe Thompson, and the sinister Major Frey, The Hope Valley War is a rollicking western yarn written in the tradition of the best of Louis L’Amour and Zanc Grey. Experience the days when the tide of civilization clashed with the lawless frontier.and vigilante justice masked terrorism and revenge.

Author: Brock Theone