The Beast Arises (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #26)

A deadly earthquake fulfills yet another prophecy in Jerusalem, and Judd and Lionel make a startling discovery.

From a new hiding place, Vicki and the others watch the frightening events unfold in Israel and try to warn kids around the world about what’s ahead.

Judd and Lionel finally set out for home, but a detour will take them into a horrifying world of evil.

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

Uplink From the Underground (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #24)

A daring plan by the kids at the schoolhouse may cost them everything and put a friend in grave danger. Will they continue their bold scheme?

In Israel, Judd Thompson Jr. must try to stop an assassination attempt while Lionel Washington and Sam Goldberg spread the word about the start of the secret meetings. Will the Young Trib Force stay together as the latest judgement takes its toll?

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

Horsemen of Terror (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #23)

As the world faces a deadly judgement from God, Judd’s life changes forever. Lionel and the others in Israel try to help, but Judd must endure this trial alone.

Vicki and the others at the schoolhouse witness a powerful answer to prayer. Then their worst fears are realized as the Global Community sets a plan in motion to trap believers. Will the kids be forced underground?

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

Escape From New Babylon (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #22)

Suspicion mounts as Vicki Byrne and the others head for the schoolhouse with newcomer Chris Traickin. Though he says he is one of them, the kids wonder if they can trust him.

In New Babylon, Judd Thompson Jr. and Nada Ameer must help a stranger leave the city undetected.

Back at the schoolhouse, Mark Eisman and the others mark a decision that could help many hurting people but could also endanger the Young Trib Force.

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

Secrets of New Babylon (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #21)

A startling discovery awaits Judd Thompson Jr. in New Babylon.

Judd’s friend lies gravely ill from a mysterious illness while Lionel Washington and Sam Goldberg try to get home. Back in the United States, Vicki Byrne desperately tries to warn believes of Global Community arrests. Is there really an impostor luring believers into a trap?

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

A Dangerous Plan (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #20)

Amid screams of agony from the scores of people affected by the latest judgement, the Young Tribulation Force struggles to stay alive as terrifying demons take over the earth.

In Israel, Judd Thompson Jr., Lionel Washington, and Sam Goldberg hatch a plan to tell Sam’s father the truth one more time. At the schoolhouse, an old friend offers an exciting opportunity- will she take it even if it means leaving the others behind?

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

Attack of Apollyon (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #19)

As freezing temperatures envelop the earth, Judd tries to figure out his next move. Lionel Washington struggles to help a friend. Back at the schoolhouse, Vicki pulls the kids together in the midst of the worst judgment yet. Mark Eisman prepares himself to meet a mysterious friend of his late cousin- but can he be trusted?

As a strange star falls to earth, the Young Trib Force knows the next judgment is near- one so terrible it will be announced from heaven first. Will the kids make it through?

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

Darkening Skies (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #18)

With nowhere to turn, Judd and Lionel must trust the son of a Global Community officer to lead them to safety. Fearful that Melinda Bentley will turn them in, Vicki Byrne and the rest of the Young Trib Force begin a frantic search for her. As another judgment rocks the planet, the kids wonder whether Judd and Lionel will ever make it home.

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim Lahaye

Terror in the Stadium (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #17)

In a daring escape, Judd and Lionel fly to Jerusalem with Mitchell for the Meeting of the Witnesses. Meanwhile at the schoolhouse, the kids discover a secret underground passage, and Vickie tries to persuade Melinda not to turn them in to the Global Community.

Excitement builds as the witnesses converge on Jerusalem to begin their meetings. But will Nicolae Carpathia keep his promise of safety for all who attend?

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye