Minister of Mercy: The New Testament Deacon

Our heartfelt burden is to help deacons get out of the boardroom and building-maintenance mentality and into the people-serving mentality. Deacons, as the New Testament teaches and as some of the sixteenth-century reformers discovered, are to be involved in a compassionate ministry of caring for the poor and needy. The deacons’ ministry, therefore, is one that no Christ-centered, New Testament church can afford to neglect. It’s through the deacons’ ministry that we make Christ’s love a reality for many people. A ground-breaking study of all the biblical texts on the subject, The New Testament Deacon: Minister of Mercy will help you build a strong ministry in your church.



Gospel Centered Kid’s Ministry

In Gospel-Centered Kids Ministry, the story of Jesus interacting with the Emmaus disciples provides an outline for what a gospel-centered kids ministry looks like: Gospel-centered teaching that points to Jesus in every session, gospel-centered transformation that positions the gospel to change a kid’s heart and then his behavior, and gospel-centered mission where kids join in on the big story of Jesus that continues to unfold.

Seven out of 10 kids will walk away from church after they turn 18. About five will return when they have families of their own, but two will never return. Clearly, something isn’t connecting with our kids. As kids ministry leaders, we need to take a hard look at what we are missing in our kids’ ministries and provide kids the one thing that will satisfy them and keep them connected to the church—the gospel.

Gospel-Centered Kids Ministry also addresses communicating with and encouraging gospel-centered leaders and parents as part of your ministry.

Written by Brian Dembowczyk


The Church Awakening – Charles Swindoll

In THE CHURCH AWAKENING, Charles Swindoll discusses the challenges, struggles, and priorities of the church in the twenty-first century. He reveals the problems inherent in the entertainment-based postmodern church and shows how a return to biblical teaching will restore its strength and impact. Now being replaced by a feel-good message instead of what Christians need to know to stand strong in a world that’s lost its way–Swindoll exposes the problems of–and solutions for–the postmodern evangelical church. Just as he opened readers’ eyes with his bold statements in The Grace Awakening, now he offers a straightforward volume revealing how to reestablish a life-altering church with Christ as Lord and Master. Illuminating and empowering, THE CHURCH AWAKENING will ignite a revolution in the way Christians “do church” for years to come. Hardcover, 304 pages.


Your Pastor’s Heart

Many of today’s pastors are weary. Satan doesn’t want them to succeed in their ministry. They have mile-long lists of responsibilities from hospital visitations, to staff meetings, to sermon preparations. They have little time for sleep, exercise, and relaxation, things we take for granted and expect every day. And on top of these pressures, they often receive the unsettling message through the actions and words of their congregations: What have you done for me lately?Our pastors put great time and energy into showing God’s love and sharing His message with us. What can we do to demonstrate our love for our pastors?Help your pastor become the best pastor you’ve ever had by understanding more about the role God has called him to play in the life of your church. Discover what you can do to support your pastor in his role and work hand in hand with him to accomplish God’s will for your church. Glenn Wagner and Glen Martin will enlighten and instruct you on how to show the world God’s love and plan for unity while being a radiant light in your community through this helpful tool, Your Pastor’s Heart.