Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible

Want to understand the people and places of scripture? Turn to Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible, a bestselling reference book! With more than a quarter million copies sold, it’s proven its value with readers. Now, this illustrated, easy reading A–Z dictionary—loaded with fresh and surprising insights about the most important people and places in the Bible—includes even more information and illustration. Not a dry textbook, it’s written in magazine style by a critically acclaimed Christian journalist and Bible history author. Color maps, photos, and paintings transport you to sacred lands where you’ll meet fascinating people: lovers and liars, healers and hoodlums, warriors and wimps—more than 500 in all.

By Stephen M. Miller



Community – Taking your small group off life support. By Brad House.

Community within the church today is hemorrhaging. Attention spans are dwindling, noise levels are increasing, and we can’t seem to find time for real relationships.

The answer to such social fragmentation can be found in small groups, and yet the majority of small groups―at least in the traditional sense―are often not the intentional, transformational community we really want and need. Somehow we need to get our groups off life support and into authentic community.

Pastor Brad House helps us to re-imagine what gospel-centered community looks like and shares from his experience leading and reproducing healthy small groups. With wisdom and candor, House challenges us to think carefully about our own groups and to take steps toward cultivating communities that are able to glorify Jesus, bless one another, and participate in the mission of God.


Taking Aim: How to Accurately Apply Scripture

The Bible is a big book, isn’t it? To many, it’s an intimidating book, ancient and otherworldly, filled with difficult concepts to grasp and hard names to pronounce. We know it’s full of truth and we accept it as God’s Word, but we wonder whether we can really understand it for ourselves. And if we did, would it make any difference?

Well, the answer to both is YES!

You don’t need special schooling to study the Bible or to be transformed by it. You can do it. In fact, you should do it. And this book will guide you through the process of how you can not only discover God’s truth but also live it out in your own life. Taking Aim: How to Accurately Apply Scripture takes you through the steps of observation, interpretation, and application—and offers practical Biblical exercises so you can practice this method on your own. The Bible will come alive to you like never before as you draw near to God through His Word. Written by Charles Swindoll.

105 pages