Mandie and the Secret Tunnel and other stories (3-in-1, Mandie Book #1, #2, #3)

This collection of 3 Mandie books also includes Mandie and the Ghost Bandits, and Mandie and the Cherokee Legend.

Mandie and the Secret Tunnel: When 11-year-old Mandie Shaw’s father dies, her life reaches a low point. Unwanted by a mother who has never loved her, the only things she looks forward to are visits from the man she calls “Uncle Ned” – a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. Longing for a home where she will be truly loved, Mandie seeks out family she has never met. After a perilous journey, she finds herself in the middle of luxury she can scarcely believe – and a mystery that will take all her brains and courage to solve.

Mandie and the Cherokee Legend: Mandie is bewildered by the unhappy reaction of some of her Cherokee friends to her discovery of gold inside a cave and her Christian values are tested by a troublesome Cherokee cousin.

Mandie and the Ghost Bandits: Mandie and her friends try to unravel the mystery surrounding some missing gold, as Mandie continues to grow in her Christian faith.

Author: Lois Gladys Leppard

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