Busted! (Left Behind: The Kids, Book #7)

Picking up where The Underground left off, Busted! logs in as Book 7 in the Left Behind: The Kids series. And the bustee, of course, is Vicki, public enemy number one at Nicolae Carpathia High School, wanted for her part in producing The Underground, the secret newspaper she and her Young Trib Force buddies put out to spread the truth of the Rapture and U.N. Secretary-General Carpathia’s evil plans for world domination. Refusing to rat out her friends, Vicki gets thrown into the lion’s den–Northside Detention Center–where the resident chaplain tries to sell her on the Global Community Faith, a warped and watered-down vision of God. Lionel, Ryan, and the others pray for her as all around them more signs of the end times appear: Israel begins rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem while Carpathia solidifies his media monopoly. The plot reaches a fevered pitch as Judd and Price fly off to the Mideast to join forces with born-again Jews.

Author: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

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