Don’t You Wish – Sierra Jensen Book #3

With Easter break around the corner, Sierra Jensen longs to leave her troubles behind and visit her friend Christy Miller and the rest of the Southern California gang she met in England. Her wish comes true, and a plane whisks her from rainy Portland to Newport Beach for a week of fun, sun, and surf.

However, her “troubles” follow her when her older sister Tawni comes along on the trip. Sierra’s struggle with jealousy over her sister only increases when Tawni catches the attention of one of the guys. Now it seems everyone has a boyfriend except Sierra! She is sure that her dream of seeing the mysterious stranger again is never going to happen.

Then her wishes suddenly take a turn down a new path and Sierra sees how God wants to mold her life according to His wishes. Even though she never would have guessed it, that’s exactly what she longed for the whole time.

Author: Robin Jones Gunn and Focus on the Family

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