Sequoia Scout (Saga of the Sierras Book #4)

Ten years of trapping had brought Will Reed to the High Sierras. Ten years in search of fortune. Ten years since the mountain men had come east with their stories of the high lonesome. Two dozen trips west had given him wisdom in the ways of the harsh and beautiful land. Now on the threshold of Spanish California, stories about the richness of the mission lands and their exotic Spanish culture lead over the mountains.

Few Americans have attempted this overland trail, and fewer still have survived the crossing. But Will Reed discovers it is not just marauding Indian tribes and nature’s threats that stand in his way. Mexico’s newly won independence from Spain has brought an oppressive rule and a clashing of cultures where danger marks every turn.

Will Reed has never shied away from danger nor from taking a stand for what is right. Loyalty and love now strengthen his resolve. And what he finds in this new land will prove the man he has become.

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

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