Say to This Mountain (Shiloh Legacy Series Book #3)

The mountain of the Great Depression looms over their lives. But it’s nothing compared to the unfulfilled yearnings of their hearts.

Thousands are jobless after the stock-market crash of 1929. Former company owners now stand around smudge-pot fires to stay warm and live in shanties built of boxes, discarded lumber, and tin. With each day, more people lose their jobs, and the desperation grows. Where will it end?

Ellis Warne, a soldier wounded in the Great War, has overcome incredible odds to become a doctor. But his greatest failure shadows his every thought, separating him from the one he loves most. His wife, Becky, is lost in the sorrow of grief—her empty arms reflecting her empty heart. Jefferson Canfield, unjustly incarcerated for a decade, has at last fled home to Shiloh . . . and to the promise of happiness with the widow Lily. But will the darkness follow him there to steal his hope?

Max Meyer has given up everything to hide his newly found son, Davey, from Mob Boss Quinn. But they can’t run forever, and even little Shiloh, Arkansas, is within the clutches of evil.

Is it possible to move mountains? All wonder. . . .

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

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