In My Father’s House (Shiloh Legacy Series Book #1)

They just fought the War to End All Wars in France. Now they return home to a different kind of battle . . . one more fierce than they could imagine.

From every conceivable culture, men joined together in foxholes to fight World War I—the Great War that all hoped would bring the world together in peace, for all time. Jews and Irish, blacks and whites became brothers, tied by the common bonds of life, heroism, and death.

When the Armistice is declared, the soldiers make their way back to America. But it is no longer the place of their dreams. Undercurrents of racial, religious, and cultural intolerance threaten the very foundations of the nation.

In My Father’s House follows the lives of four young soldiers: Max Meyer, an orphan from the poor Orchard Street neighborhood of New York; Ellis Warne, an Irish doctor’s son from Ohio; Birch Tucker, an Arkansas farm boy; and Jefferson Canfield, the son of a black sharecropper.

Will these four men—and those who love them—be able to find any freedom, any peace, on the warring home front?

Author: Brock and Bodie Theone

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