Dakota Series, 4-in-1 (Dakota Dawn, Dakota Dream, Dakota Dusk, Dakota Destiny)

Dakota Dawn:

“Soldahl! Next stop, Soldahl!”

When Norah Johanson hears the conductor’s words, her heart begins to race. At last she will be in the arms of the man she has promised to marry-Hans Larson. At fifteen, she was so sure of their love. Now, three years later and far from the mountains and fjords of her beloved homeland, Norway, she wonders…

She steps off the train, finds her trunks full of hand-embroidered linens, quilts, and household treasures painted with rosemaling designs, and looks for Hans. The pelting march snow stings her cheeks.

“Where is he? Dear God, what will I do?”

When Hans fails to arrive at the train station that night, Nora finds herself thrown into a life she never expected with people she doesn’t know-Reverend and Mrs. Moen and Carl Detchman, a grieving German immigrant. Is this really what God had planned for her?

Dakota Dream:

“I came to American expecting to be married.”

Clara Johanson has a ticket to America and a photograph of a blond, curly-haired, blue-eyed man to prove her point. But when she arrives in Soldahl, North Dakota, the man who meets her at the train station, Dag Weinlander, is definitely not blond and, to make matters worse, he obviously hasn’t bathed in days.

At least she knows she will see joy in her sister’s face when she surprises her by arriving at her Soldahl home.As Clara begins her unexpected life as a single, Norwegian immigrant, she experiences the truth of God’s Word that “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Along the way she helps others, even Dag Weinlander, experience that truth too, as she steps into a new Dakota Dream far different than the one that brought her all the way from Bergen, Norway.

Dakota Dusk:

Jude Weinlander has the face of an angel…but the heart of a bully and a cheat.

“It ain’t fair,” Jude grumbled. “My brother, the dolt himself, has a thriving business, a beautiful wife, and that grand house of his. It just ain’t fair, I tell ya.”

When fire rages through his childhood home one night, Jude, full of anger and guilt, turns his back on his family who can help him heal. He leaves Soldahl, North Dakota, and takes up wandering from town to town.When he arrives in the small, fire-ravaged town of Willowford, North Dakota, he agrees to help schoolmarm Rebekka Stenesrude by rebuilding the schoolhouse before he moves on, once again.But God keeps Jude in Willowford to work on his heart, teaching him that for every dusk there is a sunrise.

Dakota Destiny:

Mary flew back down the stairs, her heart pounding. Perhaps it was Will!

As folks in Soldahl reel from the war, Pastor Moen’s daughter, Mary, struggles to live with shocking news about the man she loves that arrived by telegram: We regret to inform you that Private First Class Willard Dunfey is missing in action and presumed dead.

After months of agonized waiting, news comes to Soldahl on Tuesday, November 11, 1918 that Victory Day has come. Does Mary have reason to hope?

Author: Lauraine Snelling

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