Where Shadows Go (The Georgia Trilogy Book 2)

After giving up a career as a British Royal Marine, John Fraser agrees to his wife Anne’s fondest wish: that they return from London to Cannon’s Point, her family’s plantation on St. Simons Island, Georgia. John learns about coastal planting from Anne’s father, Jock Couper, and her brother, James Hamilton, both world-renowned for their agricultural expertise. From day one it’s a struggle for John, for he must not only master the techniques of planting and harvesting, but he must—contrary to his deepest beliefs—become a slave owner. Anne, who grew up surrounded by slaves, comfortably resumes her way of life. As John works hard at settling into his new lifestyle, he and Anne begin to raise a family.

Enter the famous English actress Fanny Kemble Butler, who decides to pay a visit. She makes quite a splash on St. Simons, with her sophisticated ways, her outspoken opinions on the evil of slavery, and her stylish riding costumes. With the dynamic and fiercely abolitionist Fanny to influence her, Anne slowly starts to realize how immoral the Southern institution of slavery is. Reluctant to give up her familiar way of life, she is nonetheless forced to begin to rethink her beliefs—especially when it comes to Eve, her personal slave and best friend. For when tragedy strikes the Fraser family, it is Eve who provides Anne with the comfort and spiritual guidance that enable her to live through her life-shattering ordeal.

Author: Eugenia Price

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