Heaven’s Road (Lone Star Romance Book #2)

Courageous and reckless, Micah Sinclair escaped the domineering, heavy hand of his father as a boy to join the cause of his beloved Texas. Driven by revenge, Micah sets out to destroy the Mexicans–first as a soldier, then as a third-rate outlaw. But time behind bars leads Micah to join the ranks of the renowned Texas Rangers.

Lucie Maccullum had long felt caught between two worlds, and the Mexican war with her Texas home only fuels the suspicion cast upon her family. When her life intersects with the infamous ranger Micah Sinclair, Lucie sees a haunted heart that only love can reach. But her Mexican heritage and the secret ties she shares with a rival bandito threaten the tenuous bond developing between them. Though he’d scoffed at the lifeline Lucie’s faith offered, Micah soon learns it may be his only salvation.

Author: Judith Pella

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