The Winds of God (Wakefield Dynasty #2)

England, 1553. A nation torn by religious and political unrest, on constant guard against Spain’s attempts to overthrow the Protestant monarchy.

But England has a most effective weapon: one man, driven by a deep anger and a desire for vengeance–Robin Wakefield. Raised by his grandparents, Myles and Hannah Wakefield, Robin is taught love and fiath, yet his heart overflows with hatred for those who burned his father as a heretic. Soon that hatred leads him into intrigue and danger, and away from the influence of his grandparents and the devoted love of a young Catholic woman who prays for his release from bitterness.

Then, in the midst of a perilous mission, Wakefield finds himself faced with the One who calls him to forgiveness and to a life based on God’s love, not man’s justice.

Share the drama, intrigue, and adventure of England’s history, and experience the struggles of those who fought so valiantly for religious liberty.

Author: Gilbert Morris

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