The Heart’s Treasure

15 years ago, Kitt and Michael married right out of school against their parents wishes. They were happy and expecting a child. Then suddenly, the baby was lost. Michael took off to join the military while Kitt worked through her grief and went to school. Now Kitt is an archaeologist and Michael is a free lance writer. In their journey, Kitt turned from the Lord and Michael found the Lord. Michael was sent to do a story on an archaeology site in New Mexico where they were moving an ancient graveyard. There is a mystery surrounding an Indian named Black Dove. When Michael shows up to have the interview they are both stunned to see one another. There is still a spark of attraction, and a lot of hurt that lies between them. He is anxious to talk with her and settle the past, but she wants him to leave (to protect her feelings). This story is their journey in dealing with hurt, pain and forgiveness. Will they be able to work through the emotions of the past, mend the broken pieces and come together? This story is also a mystery about Black Dove. He seems to be buried in two different places. Then there is the question about where the gold is buried… You will meet some interesting characters along the way! So join Michael and Kitt as they journey from New Mexico to Mexico seeking the answers they’re looking for, both professional and personal.

Author: Catherine Palmer

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