The Colonists – American Family Portraits #2

In the years before America became a nation, new generations were born to the Puritans, men and women historians have called The Colonists The untimely death of Benjamin Morgan, great-grandson of Drew Morgan, has splintered his Boston family into feuding factions. Neither eldest son Philip, headstrong daughter Priscilla, nor rebellious young Jared seems to care for each other let alone their father’s faith in God. And Constance, Benjamin’s widow, is so overcome with loneliness that she can do little to restore harmony. It appears that Drew’s dream of a strong Christian heritage, passing without fail from one generation of Morgans to the next, is in jeopardy. When Daniel Cole, an unethical merchant, forces each of the three children as well as their mother to points of crisis and decision, God’s Spirit sweeps through the colonies in a dramatic revival. At last, Philip and his siblings see the error of their divisiveness. But can their newfound faith and unity withstand the unscrupulous Cole, who has manipulated Constance into marriage and who will stop at nothing to destroy a now-thriving Morgan family business? From the cobbled streets of Boston to a Narragansett Indian village to the Atlantic’s high seas, follow life in colonial New England through the adventures of one of America’s first families of faith.

Author: Jack Cavanaugh

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