A Woman Named Damaris – Women of the West #4

Damaris Withers can’t remember a time when her father didn’t drink and become violent with her and her mother. As awful as her daily life is, Damaris has accepted it. Then one day, her mother gives her two family heirlooms, urging her to run away from their farm and her abusive father.

Soon after, Damaris complies, heading West on foot with the barest of supplies. Tired and hungry, she eventually lands in a small town where she overhears people talking about a wagon train hoping to settle new towns further out West. Damaris manages to negotiate her way into the group, landing in a place where she must work three jobs to survive.

But before she realizes it, Damaris has made some solid new friends – the town seamstress, an orphaned young rancher, and Jesus Christ. Never having known anything about religion, Damaris decides to read the entire Bible cover to cover, much like the novels she loves. Before long Damaris understands that God has a plan for her, and it includes forgiving her father for the past in order to fully embark into the future.

Author: Janette Oke


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