Wild Grows the Heather in Devon (The Secrets of Heathersleigh Hall #1)

On the windswept downs of Devonshire looms Heathersleigh Hall, the ancient and majestic home of the Duke of Heathersleigh and his family. But an age-old secret lies hidden within its walls: the key to a mystery that will forever change the lives of those who abide there.

Charles Rutherford, The Duke of Heathersleigh. A man of the times, a socialist, evolutionist, and powerful politician, until a startling encounter begins to lead him toward faith.

Lady Jocelyn Rutherford. A woman whose unhealed scars cause her to struggle against, and long for, the love of a good God.

Amanda Rutherford. Their fiercely independent and rebellious daughter, who rejects her parents’ growing faith and the changes it brings. She strikes out on her own, determined to make her mark on the world at any cost. While the shadow of war threatens England’s peaceful slumber, the family’s long-kept mystery begins to unravel. Who will be the first to discover THE SECRETS OF HEATHERSLEIGH HALL?

Author: Michael Phillips


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