Seasons of Bliss (The Saskatchewan Saga #4)

In book four of this popular series, Seasons of Bliss, Glover once again introduces readers to a cast of lovable pioneer characters, working together to build a new life in a Canadian town called Bliss.
Seasons of Bliss picks up where book three, Journey to Bliss, ends. Tierney Caulder finds herself face-to-face with Robbie Dunbar, her great love from Scotland whom she never thought she would see again. But within moments of their joyous reunion, Tierney senses that something is wrong.
Robbie has struck a bargain with the dying widow, Alice Hoy–to marry her, raise her sons as his own, and assume ownership of her land. Now, Tierney, the love of his life has appeared, but Robbie doesn’t want to back out of his promise.
Robbie and Tierney’s love seems doomed. What will they discover about themselves, each other, and faith as they encounter the ever-fascinating, always changing Seasons of Bliss?

Author: Ruth Glover


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