Magnolias – Four Complete Novels

Just as a seed must endure the pain of change to bring forth a flower, so must Lily Edward’s family experience transformation. From the cupola of her Alabama mansion, Lily Edwards dreams of a mysterious steamboat captain. But The River Between them is flooded with difficulties – arising from her duty and station in life in the opulent 1850s.

At age twenty-seven, Lily’s aunt Emma believes her opportunity for love – even God’s love – has passed. The Wind Along the River, however, is shifting as Emma falls in love with a Confederate naval officer who promises marriage – just as soon as the South wins the war.

By 1874, Lily’s brother Foy is a dashing young man on the wrong side of Reconstruction. When a dazzling redhead with a humorous penchant for trouble visits Eufaula, will she burn Foy’s heart – along with the family business – in a River of Fire?

Meanwhile, Beyond the Searching River in Georgia, Sherman’s March to the Sea separated Libba Ramsey from her family as a child – and now she cannot give her love to either of her suitors until she solves the mystery of who she is and where she came from. Drift along with this family as the South’s old ways are ushered out to make room for the new. How will God help them hold on to the good of the past while embracing a vastly different future?

Author: Jacquelyn Cook


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