Dog Days

When Renee Lambert’s prize pooch is dognapped just before the start of the county dog show, Kate Hanlon sets out to find the tiny pup before it’s too late.

The dog days of summer are anything but boring when the Harrington County Dog Show comes to Copper Mill. Proud pooches and their owners will stop at nothing to take home ‘Best in Show.’ With only a few weeks until the big event, Renee Lambert is in for a serious shock when her pocket-pup Kisses is dognapped! While Renee mourns the loss of her faithful companion, Kate determines to find the missing Chihuahua, but a series of pranks, a heated argument, and a suspicious auction throw her off the trail. Can she bring the beloved dog home? And can Kate and Paul help everyone realize that trophies have nothing to do with the biggest prize of all?

By Carol Cox


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