The Pond – The Rise and Fall of Tony the Frog

Tony the frog turns a paper route into an empire in a lesson about idolatry – putting things above God. His simple paper route goes from a frog throwing papers from his bike to a frog delivering from an F-18 fighter jet to a frog in a giant building with his name on the outside. Tony’s friends also learn the power of prayer and patience as they find they can’t pull Tony out of this on wits alone. With Patsy Clairmont as Tony’s Secretary.

The popular children’s radio show in their fifth animated adventure! Take a plunge into The Pond as the nationally syndicated children’s radio show comes to home video, with CGI animation from the team behind Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends. Syndicated in over 200 markets and supported by Focus on The Family with weekend broadcasts, the episodes revolve around a cast of diverse creatures of different backgrounds who all live together peacefully in the pond. Each episode delivers a Biblical message in a fun and funny way for both children and parents alike.


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