Donut Man: On Tour & Resurrection Celebration

On Tour
Sing and dance with the Donut Man and the Donut Repair Club kids as they take their show on the road. Filmed before a live audience full of energy and action. Songs include: “Children, Children”, “The Donut Song”, “Jumping Up and Down”, “Goliath”, “I Can Do All Things”, “The Bath Song”, “Oh, the Blood of Jesus / God is so Good”, “HiYa HiYa”, “I Am So Free”.Resurrection Celebration
The Resurrection story told in a way that kids can understand and remember. Songs include, “Celebrate Jesus”, “The Children Cry Hosanna”, “He is the King of Kings”, “God is Three in One”, “The Mustard Seed”, “Do This and Remember”, “Run Peter Run”, “God’s Not Dead”. EXTRA! Duncan stars in costume as “The Mustard Seed!”

The Donut Man (Rob Evans) has been spreading his family-friendly values for over 20 years. He uses loving songs and simple stories to teach children the timeless Word of God in a way that’s fun and meaningful for them. He’s also been honored with an Angel Award, and a Dove Foundation “Family Friendly” Seal.

This DVD contains two exciting episodes for over 1 hour of fun!


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