Donut Man: After School & The Repair Shop

The Donut Man (Rob Evans) has been spreading his family-friendly values for over 20 years. In these two programs perfect for children ages 3-10 he uses loving songs and simple stories to teach children the timeless Word of God in a way that’s fun and meaningful for them. In “After School”, the Donut Man, Duncan, and Mary start a new branch of the Donut Repair club at a Christian Academy. Precious relationships that have been injured through rebellion and harshness are restored with love, joy, and Scriptures-in-song; With titles like “LoveLetter”, “Look to the Ant”, “Zaccheus”, “The Widow’s Lost Coin”, “According to Thy Word”, “Jesus Sees”, “The Prodigal’s Party”. See reconciliation presented at a child’s level! In “The Repair Shop”, kids learn the basics of salvation at the Grand Opening of the Donut Repair Shop. Here we learn that Jesus is the ‘heavenly repair-man’ who uses us as instruments of His peace and healing. As Josie’s doll is repaired, our relationship with God and one another is ‘repaired’ with songs and actions that teach; “God is the Master Builder”, “The Pearl: (We Are God’s Treasure)”, “Laughing and Leaping/Rise Up and Walk”, “The Two Houses/ (Sand vs. Rock)”, “I’ve Been Redeemed”, “II Cor. 5:17: A New Creation”, “My Father’s House (Has Many Rooms)”. Approximate Running Time is 60 minutes.dm1

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